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App Fiat - Treinamento de Gestor da Qualidade


Another project for Fiat, where we are to aid in training of Quality Managers in their car dealers.

How it works

In this game we follow all the graphs they must read, that are around 25 more or less, and turn it into two data points - to make it easier for them to read at all times, but they can also read them all if they open it up. (graphs.png image)

With their knowledge, they will read the graphs, and the issues that are happening and try to find solutions for them. All issues in this game - that are around 76 right now, but has an admin system for the company to add more - are read from a json that we pick up from the web admin system. They were written by a consultant that goes around Brazil aiding in solving car dealers problems when their manager can’t, so it’s with things she saw everywhere that she put up this issues.

Knowing the issue and checking the graphs helps the manager to pinpoint which part of the process in car dealing that the issue must be in, and who probably is involved, so they then will go after checking the NPCs and click them, and diagnose the issue - which means they will talk to them about what’s going on to see if they can figure out who needs a bit of talking to get better. If you choose the right speech balloons, you will get influence - because the quality manager doesn’t command, he can just suggest solutions to people, it’s up to them to take it, so every action you do, consumes time, but the more influence you have, the faster you convince someone to do it. If you poorly choose the balloons, you will lose influence instead.

When you think you know what is the solution, and who it is related to, you choose the grey options in the npc if you are correct, you will get a mission complete at the top. If it’s also the last issue on that day, or if you run out of time that day, the next starts. You keep the unfinished issues from the prior day, and may receive knew ones, depending on how far on the game you are. All issues have a count of difficulty between 1 and 4, and it scales between seven days between fibonnaci - with possibility to custom it off - values. So, in the 7 day you can have at most 13 difficulty 1 issues, or a mix between the difficulty levels.


base dayend diagnose graphs issues movearound npcs

App Fiat - Personalização Fiat


It allowed the client to create his own sticker, by choosing colors and forms, visualize it in a 3D simulation where it would apply the sticker on the vehicle to see how it would look like and afterwards, buy the sticker on a e-commerce platform. For this project we used a touchscreen PC and was a promotional event by Fiat on a selling stand on Minas Tênis Clube - Belo Horizonte.”

How it works

  1. Enter your name by clicking on “Nome”, not in the blank space, and type it in.
  2. Your email
  3. Birth year - it will be hidden from view, because it’s very common for older women, at least in Brazil, to feel uncomfortable with answering that question.
  4. Now, you can choose the car settings, if you want a already completed design or do one yourself, choose shapes, and so on. You can also rotate the camera.


We had 10 days to make this project, it was mostly a pitch from D2R to Fiat. As an intern an with only a year and a half working with Unity, I barely had the knowledge to do it, so I had to crunch and figuring out if I could find a plugin to help me with the decal system since the math for it was not that easy to understand (deform a plane to fit a mesh).

Since this project was for a company that owns the code, I cannot showcase.


restscreen datascreen choosecarcolor premadedesigns selectformat selectdetails selecticon placethesticker placethestickerback